Are You Shopping with a Purpose?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

This past week I was cleaning out my closet and realized I’ve been shopping without a purpose. I’ve been buying random pieces that end up getting lost and I‘m still left looking crazy trying to find something to wear later on. Lol

It usually goes like this:

I walk into a store and see something cute and automatically put it in my cart without thinking about how I can incorporate it into the wardrobe that I already own. Every time I try to get dressed I realize I don’t have the right jeans, or I don’t have the color shirt that I would really like to wear with my outfit. So from now on I am going to only purchase things that really look good and it will have to go with a lot of the pieces that I already own.

A Few Weeks Ago

I went thrifting and found a bunch of clothes but when I got home I still felt like I needed to go shopping again. I ended up not wearing a lot of the pieces until this past week.

One of the pieces that I found was a blue career woman dress that‘s super long so I cut it in the middle. I wanted to wear it that way but I couldn’t find anything in my closet to make the fit pop like I wanted. I ended up pushing it to the side for a few weeks until this past Sunday when I wore it to take pictures. I ended up wearing the dress as a top instead.

Here’s The Look:

I made it into a shirt and it has a collar so I wore it off the shoulders. I wore the Men’s Levis with it because I wanted to keep it casual since the shirt is dressy.


This outfit as well as all of the other outfits that I post on my blog are only worn for photo shoot purposes. You will see me wearing it out really soon!

I like this dress because it is versatile so I can wear it as a dress later on, especially once it gets a little cooler outside. I can also wear this dress as a cute button up shirt.

Like I said before, from now on I will only be shopping for things with a real purpose. My goal is find things like this blue dress, that will go with what I already have.

Do you find yourself making these same shopping mistakes? Leave a comment down below and let me know!

That’s all for now, I’ll catch up with you all with my next thrift fit soon!

Love ya,


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