Would You Shop for Household Items and Clothing in a Stranger’s Home?💕

I recently went out to my first estate sale so yes “I would shop for items from a stranger’s home.”

If you’re not familiar with estate sales they are like garage sales but these sales are for people that have moved on or for people that are moving away to another state. The person running the sale is usually selling everything in the homes including home decor, clothing, and sometimes even cars!


I was nervous about going but I’ve been wanting to go for as long as I can remember so I finally got enough courage to go out to one. It wasn’t until I finished doing some shopping last Friday, I was driving down the boulevard and I saw a yellow sign with the words ESTATE SALE and an arrow pointed to the right. I instantly put my signal light on and made a right turn sooooo fast!!! 💨

Once I pulled into the neighborhood I started to get a little scared lol I’m not going to lie but I was still intrigued so I went.

I pulled up and was so excited to see an “open sign” hanging on the door. I walked inside and saw that there were like two other people shopping so that made me feel better. There was a lady sitting down working the cash register but it was super quiet in there so I said hello and kept walking towards the back of the home.

I went into the bedrooms first, then walked into the bathroom, the kitchen, and finally the garage. I noticed there were so many Christmas decorations, glassware, a few pieces of clothing, and lots of other things. Unfortunately I didn’t end up finding anything lol but that was okay. I went to this estate sale because I wanted to get an experience and that’s what I got.


I would’ve loved to have found some nice vintage home decor pieces or maybe even some clothing but that didn’t happen this time. Overall, this experience went well so I’ll be going to more really soon. I didn‘t get a lot of footage because this was literally so spur of the moment but let me know what your thoughts are about shopping at estate sales. Would you shop in a stranger’s home?

I look forward to hearing from you on this. Until next time. 💕

Love ya, 😘


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